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Hi Rainer 

I hope, by the time you read this, you have had an enjoyable holiday, without too much rain 😊 🌧 😳

But most important is you get some time away from work and relax by doing things you like with your friends and family 🥾⛰🚶☀️

I’ve added a funny vid about climbing up a famous trail in Wales, on the side of Mount Snowdon.

Best wishes

Steve 😊

Here are a few of the words we discussed today:

Season ticket Jahreskarte/ Dauerkarte
To hoard hamstern
wallet (man) Geldbeutel
Purse (woman) Portemonnaie
Guarantee gewährleistet
Union(s) Gewerkschaft
workers council Betriebsrat
trust working hours Vertrauensarbeitszeit
roofer Dachdecker

floor screed/ floor finish



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