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Hi Rainer

I hope that next week the weather will stay dry and not be quite so hot as the last few weeks.😓 Especially if you will be helping out at your Mums house. But at least it will be possible to have a BBQ with your Uncles 🥩🍻☀️

Its a shame we didn’t find the time to talk about travelling to England but lets try next week 😃

I will upload some more Spotlight mags to the “library” so you can also read some interesting travel articles 📚

We discussed some interesting new words again today, so as usual I have added some more words to your useful vocabulary list below.

Best wishes and looking forward to our weekly chat next Friday 👍

Steve 😊

Here are a few of the words we discussed today:

 🇬🇧 English 🇬🇧  🇩🇪 Deutsch 🇩🇪
Roadblock/ Barrier/cordon Absperrung 
To cordon off an area Einen Bereich absperren
To charge (a battery) Akku aufladen
Petrol Station Forecourt Außenbereich einer Tankstelle
D.I.Y Do it yourself
DIY Store Baumarkt
Perishable  verderblich, vergänglich, begrenzt haltbar
Affordable  bezahlbar, kostengünstig

Here is a short vid all about the “HIKING ON THE PENNINE WAY” (part 1)

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