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Happy New Year

CO-Bolton 01.02.22



Finish off crossword quiz (homework)… Start new “Spotlight” reading and comprehension exercise.                 


We finished off the crossword relating to the article about the two cities; NYC and Savannah and then proceeded to read an article all about Udaipur in India.  


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CO-Bolton 14.12.21


  1. Activity :
Eating mince pies and talking about why mince pies are so nice and tasty.                        

2.  Lesson material:

YouTube vid on how to make mince pies.

3. Summary:

I hope everyone enjoyed their mince pies. So sorry for Claudia that she doesn’t eat them due to some of the ingredients 🙁



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CO-Bolton 30.11.21


  1. Activity :
Finish off the spotlight article from last week, “A breath of fresh air” (Northumberland, UK).   

2.  Lesson material:

Spotlight article: “A breath of fresh air”

3. Summary:

Unfortunately today was Silke’s last English lesson with the group 😥 but hopefully she will return once her other project is finished!

This was also our last lesson of this phase.

So “aufwiedersehen” to Silke and all the best, stay safe and healthy👍

And to Anna, Simone and Claudia looking forward to seeing you all next week 😊



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